We start with the purpose of images and the endless things we can do with pictures, photos, images, and wallpapers. Photos is what we call when it's a photo wich is really taken of an object like nature, landscapes cars or other objects most of the times photos are not edited and you will make them with a camera on holidays or other breathtaking places or some photos of family and friends as a reminder. Images and pictures we often use for the same pictures and images are there in many different types, images of nature, cool images, funny pictures and that will goes on almost endless. If it come to wallpapers it can contain images, pictures and photos , most wallpapers are made in photoshop or pictures are edited. We have wallpapers in HD, and normal wallpapers. We can use images and pictures to create wallpapers or we can use photos as wallpaper. A wallpaper can be used as a background for your pc tablet or other device. People are really creative when it comes to design some wallpapers. It's from wallpapers with many colors to nice landscapes to cars. There are also many computer generated wallpapers. But for everybody there must be something he will like.